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With the power and magnitude of the climate, landscape and weather in the Last Frontier known as Alaska, ordinary retaining walls don’t tend to endure for a very long time. Rock Landscaping specializes in our signature, natural rock retaining walls. These walls are solid, heavy, and come from the same geologic area as the soil and ground upon which they sit – thus a more fitting and sustainable solution for retaining your grounds and buildings against the forces of erosion, gravity, temperature and Time. Russ Enz, founder of Rock Landscaping, has become a “dirt engineer” over his many years working with Alaskan soil and has found that natural rock walls just survive longer and work better than man-made materials.

Below, check-out images of some of the natural rock retaining walls we have designed and installed around the Anchorage region for our happy customers. Whether you desire to prevent nature from creeping back onto your domesticated property, support tiered walkways around your home, or hold back erosion and sliding land that can undermine the stability of your home or business’ foundation, our natural rock retaining walls can handle the job – beautifully.

Have questions on what a natural retaining wall can do for your land? Please contact us today to get the conversation started.