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In many Alaskan areas outdoor living space is limited, there are issues like water runoff and steeply sloped yards. Rock Landscaping has been working with Anchorage area homeowners for years to enhance the beauty and value of their properties.

In this project the South Anchorage homeowner wanted to make their backyard more usable, adding a new deck, a regraded open space with room for flower beds, usable lawn space, a firepit and enhanced views of the local geography.

Like most homes in the area the backyard was steep and filled with trees. We built for them a solution that would provide the desired elements using all natural materials.

First we respected the grade of the land but insured that water runoff moved away from the home in a controlled manner.

We used natural stone wall structures because they allow for freezes, heaves, pitches and movement to be better absorbed than structured fixed block walls and are actually more cost effective.

We built the staircase in the yard of natural stone as well, maintenance is low but the look is beautiful.

Building with natural materials provides the homeowner with years of maintenance free use while complementing the surrounding beauty of the land.

The large deck was built with a pile driven support infrastructure to insure a strong foundation and used a design that enabled efficient use of the space while providing enhanced views of the surrounding countryside.

When you hire Rock Landscaping, we listen to your dreams and needs and then use our years of experience to design and implement a solution that is cost effective and life enhancing.

Contact us today and let us help you bring your dream to life!