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Natural landscaping from Rock Landscaping is intended to convey the strength, history and rugged beauty of Alaska – a “rustic” look that fits Alaska‘s Eagle River region perfectly. Alaska is not one of the tamed “Lower 48,” and we don’t want our landscape designs to ever convey that domesticated feeling. Instead, our founder and chief designer works hard to convey the expansive freedom and breathtaking beauty that is The Last Frontier for every customer’s property.

We’ll work with you to incorporate the landscape design elements you’re hoping to bring-out around your home, business, or even undeveloped property – our tools and landscaping services are curbing, natural stone stairs, HydroSeeding, tree services, fencing, even urban design. We also clear land & lots, grade your land, and install and repair sewer and water lines. We’ll provide advice and consultation on the best plants & shrubs, lawn grasses, concrete, rocks and more to beautify and enhance your property. And of course, our trademark natural stone retaining walls are a signature element that adds history and enduring quality to any Eagle River landscaping project we undertake.

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