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Retaining Wall Designers

Rock Landscaping specializes in the installation of natural rock wall structures. A structure that holds back soil or rock embankments, a retaining wall has numerous residential, commercial and public applications, such as low-level walkways, gardens and highways.

At Rock Landscaping, we are proud to offer decorative and functional retaining walls in a wide variety of styles and forms including:

Specializing in custom design, our engineers have amassed a wealth of experience in creating unique retaining walls for a diverse set of clients. After surveying various factors such as required wall height, ground conditions and building codes, we will design a budget that will appeal to your aesthetic tastes and budget.

For both small and large scale projects, Rock Landscaping is ready, willing and able to meet your retaining wall needs. Check out this recent example of a lakefront project we did in Horseshoe Lake or this project in Eagle River.

Click the images below to view a larger version in a photo gallery:

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