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Allan Block Retaining Walls

Affordable and great for outdoor DIY landscapers, Allan Block is beautiful, versatile in design and easy to install when compared to traditional concrete or rock retaining walls.

  • Easy to Install

Due to its unique interlocking design, Allan Blocks can be stacked on each other without the need for pins, clips or mortar. No special tools are needed to create a small retaining wall thanks to the Allan Block’s ability to be dry-stacked.

  • Lightweight

Unlike conventional solid concrete blocks, each Allan Block has a hollow core. This hollow core construction reduces the weight of each Allan Block to provide easy handling.

Depending upon the height of your retaining wall, Allan Blocks can be obtained in a variety weights ranging from 30 to 75 pounds each. Estimate how much Allan Block you will need.

Additionally, the hollow core creates a drainage system within your landscaping creations to ensure a long-lasting foundation and flawless design.

  • Affordability

Allan Blocks only require a compacted granular base for retaining walls 3.5ft – 5ft tall. These retaining walls do not need to be reinforced with concrete footings. This significantly saves time and reduces expenses by nearly 30% in comparison to walls that require concrete footings.

Depending upon the design, color and material of choice, Allan Blocks typically cost less than lannon stone and boulder retaining walls while competitively prices with treated wood and stack rock.

Additionally, Allan Block constructions are designed to last a lifetime which reduces annual maintenance costs.

  • Versatility

Allan Block is great for building retaining walls with minimal costs and project time. The wide variety of different Allan Block products makes designing retaining walls a straight forward process.

Allan Blocks is great for unreinforced retaining walls between 3.5ft and 5ft, but they can also be used to construct much larger walls. Masonry reinforced Allan Block walls can be built up to 15ft and geogrid reinforcements can support retaining walls greater than 40ft. It is highly recommended that qualified landscape designers and engineers be consulted on Allan Block retaining walls great than 5ft.

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