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Natural Rock Retaining Walls & Stairs in Big Lake, Alaska

Homes built beside large bodies of water typically suffer from shoreline erosion.

Homeowners in Big Lake, Alaska are often faced with the prospect that their beautiful lakeside playground is slowly disappearing.

Nature is taking back what it owns.

Without proper preventative measures and an effective shoreline erosion management plan, your Big Lake home and property could be at risk.

Rock Landscaping’s natural rock retaining walls and landscaping services are the solution to your problem.

Here’s the deal:

Shoreline erosion is taking away your beautiful property

This natural process of erosion occurs on lakes, streams, and rivers when sediment is removed from the shoreline by rain, wind, wave action, run off, and loss of trees and other vegetation.

Severe shoreline erosion can negatively affect local natural resource, water quality, ecosystems, and the surrounding environment.

In relation to human habitation and development, shoreline erosion is an even greater concern.

It limits usable space and, even worse, potentially jeopardizes structures built on a given property’s foundation.

Rock Landscaping is here to help

The solution is a Rock Landscaping custom designed retaining wall.

Many homeowners invest in retaining walls to hold back the natural erosion process. Sometimes the wall is constructed of man-made materials like pressure-treated wood or Allan Block.

While we are happy to design and build a retaining wall using these materials, our personal preference is natural rock taken right from the very ground your home is standing on.

Rock Landscaping’s natural rock retaining walls hold back soil and sediment to prevent shoreline erosion on Big Lake.
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For this Big Lake landscaping project, we constructed a large natural rock retaining wall to stop shoreline erosion and built stairs into the existing grade to provide easy access to the beautiful lakefront.

Our expert retaining wall designers and landscapers preserve the natural beauty of Big Lake while protecting your home and property from the harsh climate that comes with the territory.

That’s because we construct retaining walls using natural rock from the local area and environment.

These particular walls do not use man-made materials that wear away due to water, gravity, freezing temperatures and wind.

We fight nature with nature!

Unlike human fabricated materials, Alaska’s natural rocks have endured the harshest elements for millions of years.

Our retaining walls are extremely durable and allow water to naturally flow through the rock, keeping soil and sediment in its place and slowing down the natural process of erosion.

Discover what Rock Landscaping can do for your Big Lake property!