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Eagle River, Alaska Retaining Walls

Eighty percent of the homes in Eagle River are located on hillsides and switchbacks. Many backyards are small, with an upward slope at the back of it. Rock Landscaping is often called upon to excavate a larger backyard for a customer by removing a portion of the slope, and then building a retaining wall to keep the mountain from encroaching on the property. And, stone steps can be made as well to allow for easy access from the bottom of the year to the top. Give us a call today about your project.

In other cases, we have been tasked with expanding the width of a driveway by excavating out a portion of a hill. Again, this requires the use of a retaining wall or a series of walls. Here is an example of an Eagle River retaining wall project with an expanded driveway into a hillside.  As the photos show, we are using completely natural rock – taken from Eagle River itself – and holding back the mountainside while providing a visually pleasing and natural look to the landscape.

Another Eagle River driveway project, this retaining wall is a bit smaller, but part of the project also involved a two-tiered backyard retaining wall system. Both of these retaining walls again make use of local, natural Eagle River rock. And Rock Landscaping provided the design, excavation services, material selection and acquisition and installation.

We hope to hear from you soon about your project. Give us a call today.