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Keystone Retaining Walls

Establishing the perfect balance of beauty and strength, Keystone retaining wall systems are world renowned for delivering excellent performance regardless of a project’s size, location or environment.

  • Superior Construction Stability

Through the dedicated work of engineers, architects and experienced landscaping contractors, each Keystone product ensures construction strength through a patented, interlocking fiberglass pin system. Each Keystone block contains multiple fiberglass pins that lock wall units together to form a stable structure. This allows Keystone retaining walls to be built nearly vertical or setback one inch. The interlocking fiberglass pins not only provide for a strong retaining wall system, but they also ensure horizontal alignment and eliminate the need for mortar.

  • Unlimited Structure Designs

The Keystone pin system allows landscapers or DIY homeowners to achieve tight corners and radii without having to cut units. This automatic versatility delivers endless design possibilities that can be easily brought to life with minimal effort and costs.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Keystone offers a multitude of products that meet the unique look and feel customers wish to achieve. Choose block size, face finishes, wall unit textures and more.

  • Durable Wall Units

Keystone retaining walls last for decades with minimal maintenance. The interlocking fiberglass pin system ensures that wall units do not warp overtime. Each Keystone product is manufactured for superior resistance against weather decay and destructive pest infestations.

The landscaping experts at Rock Landscaping to be happy to install your Keystone retaining wall. Big or small, you can count on Rock Landscaping to meet your retaining wall needs. Call or contact us to set up a consultation.