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Retaining Wall Project in Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Alaska

Protecting the integrity and beauty of your home against the unforgiving elements of the Mat-Su Valley is a challenge.

Flowing water destroys foundations. Wind abrasion wears down exposed walls. And temperature fluctuations warp structures.

But don’t worry. Rock Landscaping can help.

We can shield your home from the harsh environment by grading the surrounding landscape and constructing natural retaining walls that divert water away from your foundation and yard.

Specializing in rustic landscaping for residence in Matanuska Valley and throughout Anchorage, our goal is to protect your home from the elements without diminishing the natural beauty of Alaska.

Here’s how we helped Matanuska homeowners enjoy the beauty of nature while eliminating the costs of living in the rough, elemental wilderness of Alaska.

The vast majority of homes in the Mat-Su Valley are rustic in design.

To respect rustic homes whose owners desire to capture the gorgeous mountain ranges, rivers and lakes of the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, the experts at Rock Landscaping recommend using natural rock from the surrounding area in the design and construction of your retaining walls.

Why does this matter?

Natural rock retaining walls compliment rustic home designs and effortlessly blend with the beauty of the outdoors.

But best of all…

Natural rock from Alaska has stood the test of time and does not require a built-in drainage system. A retaining wall constructed of natural rock effectively collects and drains water because it bleeds through the rocks and is diverted away.

Prior to this Matanuska Valley landscaping project, a downgrade directed water at the foundation of our customer’s home and prevented an attractive, usable yard.

The sharp slope was graded and natural rock retaining walls were installed to keep the hillside from encroaching on the property while effectively draining water away from the yard and home.

The hill was carefully graded to create areas for flowerbeds and a natural stone staircase was constructed in the middle of the rock retaining walls to enable easy access to the beds and quick maneuverability from the top and bottom of the renovated slope.

For more information on natural rock retaining wall design and landscaping in Mat-Su Valley, call or contact Rock Landscaping!