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Natural Rock Retaining Walls

Rock Landscaping typically recommends using natural rock from the Anchorage, Alaska area, in the design and construction of your retaining walls.

Why? Natural rock retaining walls last forever. And a natural rock retaining wall is likely going to be more cost-effective than one made of block or wood. Contact Rock Landscaping to learn more.


The mountains, rivers, valleys, and weather in the Anchorage Alaska area are a huge reason many people love living here. But  with this natural beauty comes the harshness of the climate.

Water, gravity, freezing temperatures and wind cause human fabricated materials to wear away. But the even the harshest elements of nature cannot damage the very rock in the land.

When water flows downhill against unnatural material like wood and block walls, it is necessary to install drain rocks and perforated pipes behind the walls to catch the water and push it away. Without such systems, water is allowed to collect against the wall. The failure of block walls is that this water will freeze, expand and put pressure on the block.


Wood will eventually rot, whether it is treated or not. So this water must be collected and diverted away. And eventually, these systems will need upgraded or replaced.

Not so with natural rock. Alaska’s rocks have been here for millions of years, through harsh cold winters, wind, snow and rain. No drainage systems are necessary, because water naturally bleeds right through the rocks, washing the rocks and flowing on just as it has for millennia.

And our expert retaining wall designers and installers will ensure your project is done right, the first time, for lasting natural beauty and purpose for a long, long time.

Find out what Rock Landscaping and our natural rock retaining walls can do for your property today.