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Rock Landscaping designs terrace retaining walls in Wasilla Alaska to create usable land. We use natural stone for our retaining walls and pathways, because it allows water will never affect the walls original color. And natural stone will weather and continue to hold in place forever, while cement and other man-made materials will eventually weaken and crack, and affect the structure.

Rock Landscaping created this beautiful raised rocks landscaping wall for a customer in Wasilla Alaska.

Rock Landscaping created this natural stone walkway and stone paper pad with rustic custom sign for a customer in Wasilla Alaska. With more than 35 years of experience working with natural materials, Rock Landscaping provides design, excavation services, material selection, acquisition and installation for our projects.

Rock Landscaping designed and installed this beautiful natural rock terrace and driveway rock wall for a customer in Wasilla Alaska. Unlike manufactured materials, the natural rock from the Alaskan landscape will never wear, fade or crack. What’s more, no drainage systems are necessary, because water naturally bleeds right through the rocks, washing the rocks and flowing on just as it has for millennia.