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Alaska Is the Best Place on Earth for Natural Rock Retaining Walls

All property owners in Anchorage understand the fight with the elements – water, wind, temperature changes and gravity.

Rock Landscaping knows how to help keep your home and property from falling prey to these elements.

We understand that taking the rock from the Wasilla ground and using it in your retaining walls and other landscapes is a more cost effective, attractive, and longer lasting solution.

Many homes in Wasilla, Alaska are located on hilly terrain and this property is no exception.

When we began the front yard consisted of nothing but a straight slope of dirt. The customer wanted to create some usable space and give their lawn more visual appeal.

We created two flat areas in the middle of the slope to allow for some trees, with retaining walls to hold things together. At the top of the hill, we created a flat area to add more useful space.

Then we graded the entire lot so that water flows away from the driveway and into a swale between the houses, washing it to the storm drains and avoiding the inevitable “ice skating rink.”

Finally, we built the retaining walls from natural rock. Many of our customers ask why we prefer natural rock for retaining walls versus other materials.

After the grading and retaining walls were installed, we finished the rest of the lawn with hydroseeding. A beautiful green lawn is a great way to offset the natural look of the rock.

Want to discuss your retaining wall or grading project? Contact Rock Landscaping and we will be happy to give you answers to your questions.