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Wood Retaining Walls

Retaining walls not only serve the practical purpose of holding back encroaching earth, they can add appeal to any natural landscape. Wood or timber retaining walls blend in naturally, and when built in a garden among the trees, they tie the entire landscape together. If the stain of the wall matches the exterior of your home, your yard and home are unified and create a balanced look for both the house and the surrounding landscape.

Usually, timber retaining walls are a bit shorter in length than rock retaining walls, and horizontal wall planks normally come in two different sizes: 2×6 and 6×6.

Longevity for a wood retaining wall is usually about 20 years or more. Of course, the elements are working against the wood – both water exposure and the earth itself placing pressure on the wall will eventually cause the wood to rot away.

To ensure that your wall lasts at least 20 years, the contractor will have to build a system to take care of water that will accumulate on top of the wall and behind it. To preserve the wall, a waterproof sheeting is applied to the back part of the wall and gravel is packed against the inside of it, especially at the bottom where water drips during the rainy seasons. Usually, the gravel is packed as high as the wall and a tube and drain may be installed to ensure no water buildup.

Wood retaining walls are normally constructed with Douglas Fir, pressure treated, or recycled railroad ties. Timber walls can be arranged in different horizontal or vertical patterns, creating a more artistic look to your landscaping.

Construction of wood retaining walls is relatively simple, however hiring a professional contractor is recommended to achieve your desired result as well as help with the diversion of water to keep them lasting a long time. Contact Rock Landscaping today to discuss your needs.