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Rock Landscaping specializes in our signature, natural stone retaining walls for all sorts of visual and practical landscaping impacts on properties and lands around the Anchorage to Wasilla region of south-central Alaska. Natural stone pieces are much durable than manufactured concrete and cement blocks that are often used for stairways and retaining walls. These rocks and large stones are also pre-existing in the region geologically and match the local soil types for increased longevity and sustainability.

Below are some examples of two-tiered natural stone retaining walls that Rock Landscaping has designed and installed for our customers in the Anchorage area. Once installed, the “weight of Ages” contained within the rocks serves to hold-up the landscape design against the forces of erosion, gravity and even temperature extremes. Natural stone retaining walls also have an epic, historic appearance that’s in keeping with the grand geology that has shaped our 49th state!

Wondering what a beautiful retaining wall would do for your property? Contact Rock Landscaping to discuss it with us.